Contemporary Culture from Pakistan

The Mehfil is a London-based arts organisation dedicated to promoting contemporary culture from Pakistan and the Urdu language. 



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Urdu Courses

The Mehfil offers a range of Urdu language learning and literature courses for all abilities.

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Urdu Language 

The Mehfil offers a range of Urdu language learning programmes ranging from absolute beginner to advanced level. The beginner course aims to provide students with basic communicative skills in a variety of everyday settings. Intermediate and advanced level courses will enable students to use the Urdu language flexibly and effectively for social, academic and/or professional purposes.

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Urdu Poetry

Urdu poetry is an important part of the Pakistani cultural landscape and continues to thrive through popular poetry recital sessions called mushaireh. This course intends to introduce students to a selection of works composed by  distinguished classical and contemporary Urdu poets of the last century. The Mehfil also offers Iqbaliyat, a course dedicated to exploring the poetry of Allama Iqbal. 


Urdu Short Stories

Urdu short story writers have dealt with a number of pressing issues ranging from the trauma of partition and Pakistan's creation (1947) to the complexities of post-colonial and post-independence life within Pakistani and Indian society. This course is based on some of their acclaimed literary efforts and aims to introduce their works to the world outside Pakistan.