Haramacy at the Albany

Image credit: Tulip Hazbar @tuliphazbar

Image credit: Tulip Hazbar @tuliphazbar

On 27 April, re_use will aim to act as a catalyst for cross-cultural engagement in London for artists from marginalised communities, creating a space for them to explore intersectional social systems (race, gender, class and ethnicity) that exist within their respective communities.

Entitled Haramacy, the inaugural re_use programme in London at the Albany will focus on engaging with Middle Eastern and South Asian artists with the aim of creating a framework for them to collaborate and create. 

Haramacy will be comprised of a five-day multi-arts program hosted at the Albany in Deptford, South East London. UK-based Middle Eastern and South Asian artists will partake in a four-day collaborative residency and one-day festival to explore the complexities of the diasporic experience.

Neelofer Korotana