Remembering Allama Iqbal

‘Iqbal’ by Sadequain (1977)

‘Iqbal’ by Sadequain (1977)

Today marks the death anniversary of poet philosopher Allama Iqbal. Known as Shair-e-Mushriq (the Poet of the East), his poetry written mostly in Urdu and Persian is regarded among the greatest of the modern era. We offer short courses that explore a selection of his most known works.

Sadequain’s portrait of the poet contains a final line from Iqbal’s Armaghan-e-Hijaz (a gift from the Hijaz), which he wrote shortly before his death and comprises both Urdu and Persian verses. The below is written in Persian:

سرورِ رفتہ باز آید کہ ناید؟
نسیمے از حجاز آید کہ ناید؟
سر آمد روز گار ایں فقیرے
دگر دانائے راز آید کہ ناید؟

Saroor-e-Rafta Baz Ayed kay Nayed?
Naseemay Az Hijaz Ayed ke Nayed?

Sar Amad Rozgar Ain Faqeeray
Digar Daanayay Raaz Ayed kay Nayed?

Who knows whether that departed song will return or not?
Who knows whether that breeze from the Hijaz will return or not?

This dervish’s final moments are close now;
Who knows whether there will return another sage who knows the secrets?


Neelofer Korotana