Jameel Prize exhibition: Wardha Shabbir

Two Pillars , 2017 (Left) -  A Cube , 2017   (Right). Photos © Usman Javed

Two Pillars, 2017 (Left) - A Cube, 2017 (Right). Photos © Usman Javed

Discover the works of Lahore-based miniature artist Wardha Shabbir at the Jameel Arts Center in Dubai as part of the Jameel Prize 5 exhibition, currently on tour from the V&A. 

Wardha Shabbir (b. 1987, Lahore, Pakistan) lives and works in Lahore, Pakistan. She graduated with a BA in Fine Arts from the National College of Arts, Lahore in 2011, winning the Principal’s Honour Award. She is currently Visiting Lecturer in Fine Arts at the National College of Arts. Trained in traditional miniature painting, her technique consists of the coming together of countless dots as a unit to form an idea on the surface of the paper.

The Jameel Prize 5 exhibition runs until until September 14th 2019 at the Jameel Arts Center in Dubai. 

Neelofer Korotana