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Based in London, The Mehfil aims to promote contemporary culture from Pakistan and the Urdu language.

Though a comparatively new nation, Pakistan has a long and rich cultural heritage - Karachi and Lahore being major centres of literature and the arts in the subcontinent for more than a thousand years. A nation still technically in its infancy, however, this relationship between Pakistan’s “newness” and “oldness" along with its diverse ethnic composition has given the country a distinct and effervescent identity, which colours its artistic, literary and musical expressions.

The Mehfil intends to promote this ever-evolving cultural output here in the UK and is welcome to all – the British Pakistani diaspora, Pakistanis living in the UK and those simply interested in learning about this culturally significant facet of the subcontinent.

Mehfil (noun) - An intimate evening of poetry, music or dance from the Indus region performed for a small audience. Mehfil in Urdu derives from the Arabic word mehfil (محفل‎), which means a (festive) "gathering to entertain (or praise someone)."



Neelofer Korotana


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Tasnim Firdaus

Director of Language and Literature Programmes  

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